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Writing and Editing

Make Every Sentence of Your Proposal Count

Cut-and-paste content is not winning content. We provide writing and editing services for original and responsive content for your proposals – compliant, compelling text and graphic recommendations that position your solution to win.

Here’s What We Do to Make Your Proposal Stand Out:

  1. The foundation is a careful review all of the procurement documents, attachments, amendments, and questions & answers for a thorough understanding of the requirements.
  2. Using information from subject matter experts, proposals, policies and procedures, and other documents, we plan the content for the response. What are the benefits of your solution? What advantages do you have over your competitors? How do those advantages create discriminators – the client’s unique buying proposition? We craft relevant and compelling themes that link your compelling solution to winning strategy.
  3. We then develop original responses to the requirements. We include step by step directions, workflow diagrams, illustrations, and tables to ensure your response is clear, succinct, compliant, and complete.


Have a proposal that needs a fresh look? We efficiently edit your proposal for optimal:

  1. Readability. Using your style guide (or ours if you prefer), we review and edit for clarity, active voice, grammar, and spelling. This step includes checking acronyms, titles, and wording to ensure references to the client, opportunity, company, and staff are accurate and consistent.
  2. Compliance. Does the proposal meet the requirements of the procurement for typeface, size, and margins? Do pages and sections have correct numbering? Does the proposal cover all elements the procurement requires?
  3. Responsiveness. Beyond clarity and compliance, does your proposal present your solution for your winning advantage? Do you have proof points to support your value proposition? Are there gaps in your response?
  4. The Finished Product. We can track comments and changes for you to finalize, or we can collaborate to finalize the document for you. The finished product is a well-organized, easy to read presentation of your solution to maximize your score.