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Government Contractors

Compliant, Compelling Solutions for the Public Sector

Government opportunities can be both complex and demanding – a Scope of Work with extensive requirements, exacting directions on proposal preparations, and specific evaluation criteria that must drive your response.

Whether you lead a substantial business development department or a small shop, need on-going access to proposal resources, or just have a short-term gap, we can help. We provide flexible on-site and remote support that fits your opportunity and your budget.

Shape Your Proposal Team With Our Experts for:

  • Opportunity research and strategy
  • Go/No-Go analysis and recommendations
  • Faster turnaround from drop to stop
  • Writing and editing for clear and compelling text
  • Color team reviews that provide meaningful feedback to your team
  • Oral presentation coaching to improve your message and your story
  • BAFO responses and reviews to ensure strategy execution all the way to the win

With 30 years of experience in state and federal proposals for healthcare and human services, we provide a seamless fit with your organization when you need us.