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Client Success Story: The Challenge of Subcontracting

The Opportunity: Proposal to Integrate Behavioral Health into managed care in New York

A Medicaid managed care plan asked us to support their response to a Request for Application (RFA) to the New York Department of Health. The need: work with a new subcontractor to develop a compelling proposal for integrating mental health services into mainstream managed care.

Our Role: Proposal Management and Subcontractor Coordination

We worked off-site with the Plan’s Project Manager for the opportunity to:

  1. Prepare a compliant template for the proposal.
  2. Assist with finalizing the subcontract.
  3. Combine, integrate, and edit primarily subcontractor content with plan infrastructure responses into a single voice, streamlined, and compelling proposal.

Because the subcontractor worked with multiple plans on the bid, it developed model boilerplate for the response. We had to customize the content for the plan’s unique structure and operations AND retain critical elements of the subcontractor solution.

The Results: 400 pages of proposal and a winning bid.

Takeaways: Collaboration with major partners requires detailed content planning and frequent adjustments. Who provides what? How do the pieces fit together into a cohesive whole that is greater than the sum of its parts? A winning bid with a major partner requires patience, rigorous compliance management, and tactful coordination among parties to achieve success.