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Client Success Story: New Business for a New Business

The Opportunity: Proposal to State Medicaid for an Accountable Care Entity

A newly formed integrated hospital system asked us to coordinate the response to a state Medicaid Agency to become a risk-bearing health system for a defined population.

Our Role: One Stop Shopping for Editing, Writing, and Desktop Publishing

We worked offsite with the management team to:

  1. Prepare a compliant template.
  2. Work with subject matter experts to create the response.
  3. Develop graphs, charts, and tables aligned with content.
  4. Edit and integrate corporate content.
  5. Review for compliance and responsive structure and content.

The Result: A complete and compelling proposal with a winning score.

Takeaways: Sometimes subject matter experts don’t know what they DO know. It takes patience and knowledge of their business operations and goals to transform their understanding into compliant content – and their structures, process, and staffing into responsive charts and graphs.