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Opportunity Strategy

Winning Proposals is Not an Accident

Be prepared when you bid. Maximize your strengths and opportunities. Target the weaknesses of your competitors. Develop your strategy for a winning match to the needs, interests, and goals of the client you want to win. Opportunity planning leads to smart strategies – and smart strategies build winning bids.

Here’s What We Do to Win the Bid:

  1. Analyze the opportunity in advance. We help you perceive and understand the needs and objectives of clients behind their surface requirements – from “light touch” research such as web searches and document review to face-to-face interviews with clients and their stakeholders.
  2. Know your competitors. Do they have a compelling solution? Do they know more about your services than you do about theirs? We help you gather strategic intelligence about companies that will bid against you – past performance, likely solution, previous pricing, and partners. All of those elements that, if you know what they are, enable you to refine your solution for a better fit to the client.
  3. Assess the readiness of your company to win. Are you known in the market? How does your past performance meet the expectations of the client? How does your solution stack up against the client’s requirements and underlying needs? How will the client perceive your solution? Are there risks to mitigate?

We find, review, analyze, and create an Opportunity Assessment customized to you that presents your readiness to win the opportunity. Just as important, we then work closely with you to develop the right-to-win strategy for your response to the bid request.