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Competitive Review

A Fresh Pair of Eyes for Winning Insight

After long days (and nights) of working on the proposal for your team, you’re finished. But are you? We make sure your proposal is compliant, compelling, and easy to read with an efficient quality review.

Here’s What We Do to Get Your Proposal Ready for Success:

  1. Review. We go over the procurement document and your proposal carefully to ensure we understand the requirements and objectives, your win themes, and your solution.
  2. Response matrix. We prepare one for you if needed to track and validate that your response is complete and follows procurement directions.
  3. Dimensions of Quality. Our Review evaluates six dimensions of quality:
    1. “Answers the mail.” Is it responsive and compliant, aligned with the requirement structure, and complete?
    2. Your solution is needs-driven. The proposal emphasizes what the client needs and frames the solution in terms of benefits to the client.
    3. Easy to read. Reading level is between Grade 7 and 9; limited adverbs, no passive voice, clearly organized with informative headings and graphics that highlight key points.
    4. Easy to score. Your proposal structure fits with evaluation criteria, including keywords and call outs that enable the evaluators to determine achievement of evaluation standards, including proof points.
    5. Value-based. Is the level of effort clear and sufficient to achieve the scope of work? The strengths and benefits of your solution are clear and relate to client needs.
    6. Risk. Your transition/implementation and operations approach identify and address potential risks so evaluators can assess readiness and risk mitigation.