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Team Coaching for Oral Proposals

Make sure your presentation and your team are ready – for anything.

The oral presentation is your ability to close the deal, to take advantage of real-time client engagement with polished materials and a relaxed and confident team. We work with your development team and staff to practice, practice, practice to refine and perfect the way you present your winning solution.

Here’s what we do to coach your team:

  1. Review the opportunity and your proposal, including the invitation to Orals.
  2. Develop and/or assist with developing the oral template, including graphics, and proof points.
  3. Review the draft with presentation team and assign speaking and supporting roles.
  4. Refine and finalize the presentation.
  5. Meet in person and/or online for initial run through.
  6. Adjust presentation content after initial run through.
  7. Select 3 key points for each slide for speaker delivery.
  8. Schedule two or more practice sessions to coach team on style and approach, including body language and hand-offs between speakers.
  9. Finalize presentation for production.