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Who We Are

A Vision of Success

You don’t need a proposal, you need a vision. Strategy Horizon Consulting looks beyond compliant proposal generation. We break through the clutter of traditional approaches to create visionary, high-performing proposals designed to capture your edge, engage your audience, and tell your unique story to win their business.

Winning Bids For Three Decades

The Strategy Horizon process blends over 30 years of technical proposal expertise and skills with an ever-innovating designer’s eye and a storyteller’s voice. We create proposal experiences that elevate business insights and give you the best chance to win. It’s a process that supports and works closely with our client teams to ensure they are aligned and confident in their direction.

Strategy Horizon Consulting understands that having a strong vision for what to build is more important than having all the tools and knowing the rules for how to build something. The right vision, the drive, and the experience to bring it to life makes our clients stand out in the stack as interesting and valuable to their prospects.

Let’s work together to win your proposal.